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Career Exploration Platform
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Career Xploration Platform

Design your career. Explore industries. Build your confidence.

It's Time To Invest In And Design Your Future 🚀

Our career platform hosts your career design and industry exploration. A safe space to network with experts, read the latest topical news, attend workshops and develop your professional skills. 

64% of workers are satisfied with their job 

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We created this platform to help young people to develop personally and professionally. We think everyone deserves a career that they love and that includes you!

So how does it work?

Your annual subscription includes all of the following👇

Step 1: Design Your Career

Design your career is your first step to owning your future. Our Career Design program blends our 5 step career design course with ongoing support from our expert coaches to help you navigate the ever evolving world of work. 

Your Self Led Learning

During your self led learning sessions you will watch videos, listen to podcasts, read blogs, complete worksheets and so much more. The 5 steps you will follow are:

  1. Creating a work compass

  2. Building your brand

  3. What is career xploration?

  4. Prototyping careers

  5. Commit to connect

Your Live Webinars

Not only will you have access to the 5 step career design course, but you'll also have the opportunity to ask specific questions around your career advancement and get up to date information, hints, tips and advice from everything about career design and the future of work.

Your career coach, Neil Finnie, will be live every Wednesday at 5pm GMT - all sessions will be recorded and uploaded for those that can't attend.

Step 2: Xplore Your Career

After designing your career your next step is to explore. Each month we delve into a new industry, from esports to sustainable fashion giving you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and boost your resume. 

Your Xplore

To expand your knowledge and boost your resume you need to approach your industry exploration from different angles. Sounds like a lot of work but... we've got it covered! During each month of the year you will get access to the following...

  1. Live Xpert Webinars - Attend live webinars with industry experts. Ask questions, build your network, hear stories and gain invaluable insights.
  2. X Challenge - Work on a project to boost your portfolio for a real life international client. Develop your critical industry skills, get feedback and create a talking point.
  3. Career Deck - Explore job roles by watching short videos to meet the individuals working in industry. Learn all about their career journeys, how they landed their job, what their day to day looks like and more.
  4. Industry Guidance - Read articles and watch videos to further explore the industry. What opportunities are out there? How is the industry evolving? How can you further train your industry specific skills?

Industries we're exploring

Each month we explore a new industry from sports tech to sustainable design. Industries are chosen with our community of career explorers. Join our platform and have your say!

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